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Action Jackson Movie Review

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action-jactionYou don’t have to forget your brain at home to watch this movie. It is even better if you do not have a brain at all. Action Jackson is for all those who LOVE Ajay Devgn and are ready to shell out money to watch him do absolutely anything. This latest Prabhu Deva film is dreadfully trashy.

The film has the worst of everything to offer its audiences – horrible characters, senseless situations and pitifully sick gags. Ajay Devgn seems unaware that he added to the humour streak of the movie with his awkward dance moves on peppy raw Bollywood songs. The songs of the movie suddenly appear from nowhere. Especially, the song Chichora Piya falls from the sky.

Prabhu Deva has certainly sold his brains to even attempt something like this. The question is what on earth Ajay Devgn was thinking when he said yes of this eyesore.

Ajay Devgn is seen in two avatars in the movie – as a small time thug in Mumbai ‘Jay’ and as a faithful wingman ‘Vishy’ of a Bangkok-based don. Don’t even try to rack your brain to understand what’s happening. Or you’ll be depressed.

Action Jackson gets a lot of action all through the film. Some action sequences even make you skip a heartbeat and you end up in a wow moment. He has a lookalike with whom he keeps swapping places, giving way to more confusion. Tamil actor Anantharaj is seen in his first Bollywood movie as the glass-eyed mafia named Xavier Fonseca offering nothing in this character. Yes, that’s right. The leading ladies of the movie, Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam, also like the others in the film, have nothing to do on screen and wind up adding to the nonsensical drama.

Action Jackson is a personal joke cracked on the audience. It truly reflects the sorry state of affairs of Indian Cinema. Save your money, time and LIFE – Miss this movie!

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