Monday, January 22, 2018

Viral Video :Punjab Youths ready to shed blood

In this viral video two Punjab youths are being incited by a crowd to fight with each other. The youths are at daggers drawn...

Man beaten-up with rods in Ambala

Viral Video :This video believed to be shot somewhere in Ambala , Haryana , India has gone viral on social media.

Buffaloes save a buffalo from hungry lions

Union is Strength : Brave buffaloes save a buffalo from hungry lions !

Standing Bears entertain tourists !

How standing bears entertain tourists !

A Dog dancing madly on a chair !

A Dog dancing madly on a chair !

When a monkey blessed a Sadhu !

When A Monkey blessed a Sadhu !

vehicles slip,collide with each other as snow blocks road

Viral Video: vehicles  slip, collide with each other as snow blocks road. In this video, the location is a foreign country where the snow...

Viral Video: Every Indian must watch this video !

Viral Video : Courtesy : Whatsapp Viral

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This Lohri celebration dance video is viral

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Clash captured live in Chandigarh !

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