EU lifts ban on import of Indian Mangoes


mangoesEuropean Union (EU) has decided to lift a ban on the import of mangoes from India. A European Commission committee unanimously voted to lift the ban yesterday.

UK’s Minister for Natural Environment, Lord de Mauley said, EU’s decision demonstrates the marked improvements India has made to its export system and it is important that these standards are maintained so that trade can continue and UK plant health remains protected.

Indian mango shipments to the EU were suspended in May last year after fruit flies were found in consignments. Imports will be able to start again in about a month’s time, once new EU legislation is formally adopted and published by the European Commission. However, imports of four other products – aubergines, bitter gourds, snake gourds and patra leaves – remain suspended subject to sustained improvements in plant pest control.

In a statement, the EU said, the prohibition on the import of vegetables from India will be reviewed at later stage after collecting more evidence. The EU accounts for more than 50 per cent of total exports of fruits and vegetables from India. The UK is the main destination, followed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.


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