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Keery On Kutton Movie review

Keery On KuttonThe creative drubbing of Bollywood’s new breed of helmers continues with this desi hipster made by a ‘short’ filmmaker Ashok Yadav. Keery On Kutton is a tepid result of a wannabe who just couldn’t get over the hangover from the cocktails of quirky mafia comedies and the rural exotica from the Hindi heartland of U.P. and Bihar served by Bhardwaj, Jha and Kashyap.

Keery On Kutton is more a joke on itself then a back-slapper to this genre. This loose ‘pyjama’ of a quirky, crime comedy drama made on a ‘dhoti’ budget begs for audience and poses the same question again – Why?, why carry on this futility di?

Opening with Kerry (Satyajeet Dubey) trying to make out with a ‘chori’ inside a shanty which falls when the proceedings are about to get exciting, the same can be said about this bheja boil of a script written by Himanshu Onkar Tripathi and the director.

Kerry only dream is to get laid, his pal Kadambari (Aditya Kumar) wants to become a big shot by stealing a high breed puppy from Bade Babu. Kerry is smitten by the charm of Jyoti (Aradhana Jagota) who is two timing him and Suraj (Karan Mahavar) son of ‘kanjoos’ (miser) school teacher (Yashwant Singh) for touch phone, necklace etc. how the lives of these four get intertwined in Baliya (Uttar Pradesh) is told in a murky, insipid manner that turns irritatingly juvenile allowing absurdity to have its say. Picture this – Kerry meets Jyoti in a potato warehouse and reinterprets the Hindi nursery rhyme ‘aaloo kachaloo kaha gaye the……. ending with with billi ne ‘fa*t’ kiya, has rahe the’.. if this is the ‘cool’ quotient then stuffs like Keery On Kutton are better kept rotten in cans.

Ashok Yadav lacks the art of knitting such quirky yarns that travel on edgy roads. The scripts doesn,t guarantee any scene smarts to inspire the helmer. Though the seed of the idea certainly must have looked funnier on paper. The picture is a bust, a grimly unfunny comedy with no connection to reality, and worst of all, running on and on for two dismal hours.

A few good performances by Aradhana Jagota, Aditya Kumar, Satyajeet Dubey, Karan Mahavar, Yashwant Singh and of course Shivam Pradhan as the ‘Thakur’ with a couple of quirky scenes involving him save this flick from turning into an absolute nadir. Technicalities are passable and the soundtrack has nothing to hum about.

If you are still ‘carrying’ on reading this, I have good news to share. I was glad when the movie got over and you must also be glad now that this review is over.

Keery On Kutton

Director : Ashok Yadav

Artists (Cast) : Aditya Kumar, Aradhana Jagota, Karan Mahavar, Satyajeet Dubey, Shivam Pradhan

Rating: 1.5/5

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