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Raja Choudhary tired of negative publicity

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raja_chaudharyHaving overcome the personal upheaval, as Raja Choudhary coins the divorce from his wife Shweta Tiwari, he has got his attention back to his career. He has regained his focus and energy back by following strenuous regime of Gym, Yoga and Meditation.

He is looking for a good role which will explore his histrionic prowess.

“I went through personal ordeal which got me lot of bad publicity. That nightmare is over now. I have been through good and bad times lately and have learnt and I want people to know me for my work. I want good work, be it in TV serials or in Films,” Optimistic Raja Choudhary said.

Another facet of Responsible Raja can be felt in his conviction of power to vote. Here Raja Choudhary opines, “People should not give vote in the name of religion or caste. You must elect a deserving candidate, with clean reputation and a vision for developed India. I request all to go and vote. Not casting your vote is tantamount to wasting an opportunity to shape your future.”

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