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SC judgment a tight slap on BJP: Congress


Leader of the Haryana Congress Legislature Party,Kiran Choudhry has said that the stinging Supreme Court judgment has, more than ordering restoration of the Congress Government in Arunachal Pradesh, taken the mask off the anti-democratic character and credentials of the BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre.

The former excise and taxation minister described the verdict as a tight SC slap on the face of the BJP which, under the leadership of Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo, is out to subvert democracy, usurp the Constitution, and use its appointee Governors to throw out a democratically elected government and install a BJP government by hook or by crook.

The BJP seems out to undo the great effort the founding fathers of our Constitution made to put democracy on sound footing in the country. “After Uttarakhand, the BJP has made its attempt at subversion of democracy in Arunachal Pradesh, and may do so tomorrow in Himachal Pradesh or elsewhere. The people of this country have come to read the anti-democratic credentials of the BJP and seen through its oft-repeated glib talk about cooperative federalism, and shall teach the party a lesson when the time comes”, she added.

Mrs Choudhry thanked the SC for restoring the duly elected government in Arunachal Pradesh and people’s faith in democracy. The observation that the Governor cannot embroil himself in any “political thicket” or take “individual call” when an elected government enjoys majority in the House does serve a stern message to the NDA Government that it should stop using Governors as puppets to subvert democracy, oust duly elected governments, and initinnstall BJP governments.

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