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Shocking video ! Stray dogs maul seven year old child

Municipal Corporation Amritsar fails to control stray dog population

A CCTV footage retrieved from a camera in Mahindra Colony locality in Amritsar city of North India has shocked everyone.

The video recorded on April 14,2019 shows a boy entering a park.Suddenly half dozen stray dogs reach the spot and attack the child.

The boy is dragged by the stray dogs  on the road.He cries for help .A lady- believed to be victim’s mother -runs for help but gets scared of blood thirsty dogs . Later others including a male reach the spot and fan the dogs away.

The unknown couple make the boy sit on a two wheeler to examine the dog bites and then leave the spot with the boy.

The Amritsar Municipal authorities were tight lipped about the incident .The stray dogs rule the roost in this holy city .This incident has left the city residents in a deep shock and fear.

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