Tamil Nadu celebrates Maattu Pongal


Tamil Nadu is celebrating Maattu pongal . People especially in villages decorate their cattle and perform poojas. In many Shiva temples, special poojas were held for cattle. More from our correspondent:

Mattu Pongal the thanksgiving pongal for cattle- bullocks and cows is celebrated with traditional gaiety today in Tamil Nadu. The bulls and cows are being decorated and its horns colourfully painted. Cows are revered as Gomatha mother and poojas are being performed.

Cattle are fed with pongal and fruits as part of the festival. In Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar temple pooja was performed with 108 calves. Special pooja with vegetables, fruits, sweets, grains was performed for the huge Nandi.

Police dispersed people who tried to conduct Jallikattu with bulls in Alanganallur Palamedu and Melur. Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu and severe drought brought down the enthusiasm in villages.