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Udham Singh was also known as Ram Mohammed Singh Azad

udham_singhIndian martyr Udham Singh  (26 December 1899 – 31 July 1940) was also known as Ram Mohammed Singh Azad

After killing Michael O’Dwyer on March 13,1940 Udham Singh had introduced himself to British police as M S Azad.Not only this, he had also introduced himself as MSAzad in his last letter to the Indians.One of the tattoos on his arm had also confirmed he loved to be called himself as M S Azad.

Azad used two names in his life however, the name in the charge sheet filed against him had his name as Udham Singh.He had also faced trial under this name .

Researchers say that by calling him as Mohamd Singh Azad, Udham Singh wanted to promote communal harmony.

Udham Singh was an Indian revolutionary and a prominent figure of the Indian independence struggle. He is sometimes referred to as Shaheed-i-Azam Sardar Udham Singh.

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