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Umar Khalid’s attackers claim to be patriots !

Two youths in a viral social media video have taken the responsibility of attacking JNU student Umar Khalid -who is accused of raising Anti National slogans ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’.

In a viral social media video, two Haryana  youths -who introduce themselves as
Darvesh Shahapur and Naveen Dalal Manothi – have taken the responsibility of attacking JNU student Umar Khalid -who is accused of raising anti-India slogans.

The video begins with “Inquilab Zindabad and Bharat Mata Ki Jai” slogans.


The youth Darvesh Shahpur says that they respect the Supreme Court of India and the constitution of India but they are annoyed with the absence of a law which punishes the ‘dogs’ who raise anti India slogans.

” We request the Government of India to find out a way by inacacting a law to punish the anti- national elements. We are calling the JNU gang as ‘mad dogs’ .They are like ‘mad dogs’ who are trying to weaken the country and their number is growing day by day. The  senior citizens of Haryana have told us that the ‘mad dogs’ should be ‘adjusted’ without giving a second thought,” says Darvesh Shahpur.

Holding the tricolor ,both the youths are also appealing to the police not to harass anybody unnecessarily .

Darvesh is also referring to a poem of Dr Hariom Pawar ‘Hum Sharminda Hai Bharat Moradabad bolne wale zinda hai’.

“This  poem has instilled nationalism in us. Getting inspiration from this poem we wanted to  ‘gift’ the nation on the eve of national Independence Day,” says Darvesh.

Darvesh also announces that he along with Naveen will surrender on 17th of August in Sarabha Nagar after paying tributes to the martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha.

Naveen Dalal says that Whatever they did ,was for the nation .He also says that they are not afraid of sacrificing their lives for the nation but will not let anti-national elements like Afzal Guru raise head again.

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