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BJP sucking poor blood to feed Industrialists: Rahul

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Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi lambasted the Modi government for betraying the common man. Addressing a rally in Nasik and Pune, he attacked the anti-farmer policies of the Narendra Modi government. He asked the farmers “Onions are expensive in Delhi but farmers are incurring losses in Maharashtra, so who is reaping the profits?”

Attacking Modi for his call for ‘Congress free Maharashtra’ Congress vice president said this was impossible as Congress party’s ethos and ideology were same as that of the state and its legendary leaders.

“BJP leaders say that Congress should be banished from Maharashtra. But they should know that there is no difference between the ideology of Congress and the thoughts of Shivaji Maharaj, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Jyotiba Phule. How will you remove them from the lives of people,” he said.

Gandhi slammed the BJP government and said that the government in Delhi was working for the benefit of industrialists at the expense of poor.

“We started Direct Benefit Transfer scheme for the poor under which money for social sector schemes like MNREGA was transferred to your bank accounts. Today, they too are continuing with it, but with a difference,” said Gandhi.

“Before Narendra Modi went to the US, a delegation of industrialists from there met him and pleaded to remove the cap on prices of medicines. A deal was reached behind the doors and now drugs for treating cancer that used to cost Rs 8,000 will be available for Rs one lakh. The money from your pocket will be directly transferred to the pockets of industrialists,” he added.

Gandhi said that as a result of the government’s policy, prices of medicines for treatment of illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure and cancer will increase manifold.

The Congress leader said the UPA government had brought changes in land acquisition law for the benefit of the poor and adivasis.

“Earlier industrialists came and took away your land for a pittance. Now you get more than the market price for your land. The industrialists are angry that now they have to secure permission of the panchayats before acquiring land for their projects,” said Gandhi.

Attacking Modi over the ‘Achhe Din’ slogan, the Congress Vice President said, “

“During the Lok Sabha elections Shri Modi claimed that India is not a strong nation and that he will make India strong. He promised he will scare away Pakistan. But the amount of firing that has taken place in the last few days is more than what took place in the last 10 years. And all Shri Modi says ‘sab theek ho jayege’ (everything will be fine).”

The Congress Vice President said that the ‘Achhe Din’, slogan has now turned into ‘jaldi theek ho jayega’ (everything will be fine). “Onion prices rise, they say jaldi theek ho jayega. Pakistan violates the ceasefire with impunity, they say jaldi theek ho jayega. From Achhe Din, they have come to jaldi theek ho jayega,” Gandhi said.

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