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Actress in petticoat blouse photo gallery

Actress in petticoat blouse,wet saree

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South Indian actresses in hot wet petticoat

Actress in petticoat
Petticoat and blouse depict Indian Culture

Actress in Petticoat :

Saree ,blouse and  petticoat combination is  popular Indian women’s wear.

We are presenting actress in petticoat  photo gallery .

Interestingly, saree combination  also rules Indian Cinema.

 South Indian Cinema is known for featuring actresses in saree .

Actress in Petticoat , Saree comon in films

Mostly the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and  Malyalam films feature its  actress in petticoat .

Here ,dancing actresses can be seen in petticoat and small blouses songs.

Notably , film makers extensively use traditional Indian wear like Sarees to create romantic scenes.

Besides the romantic film seqences , the film directors also create dance sequences .

Indian actresses have been wearing traditional attire to mesmerise and to entertain the audience.

Actress in petticoat adds spice to film songs

The sequences include rain dance and outdoor shoots showing actresses in sarees and petticoats.

Generallty ,the rain dances are usually performed by couples to express love and joy.

Some item girls can also ben seen dancing with petticoat, blouses and in saree.

Our gallery prensents photos of some popular South Indian actresses in petticoat, blouse and saree.

Above all ,saree , petticoats and blouses are not only inseparable part of the traditional Indian wear but also rich cultural heritage.

A woman looks beautiful and attractive in saree than in any other dress.

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