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Amarinder hits back at IT authorities

captain-amrinderReiterating and asserting that the Income Tax department had unleashed a malicious campaign to harass and malign him at the behest of its boss, the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh hit back at the IT authorities for selectively leaking his replies, out of context, to the media thus betraying the real intent of trying to harass and defame him rather than reach to the truth.

Defending his replies to the IT queries, Captain Amarinder said, he was within his legal rights to defend himself and give the replies in his defence. He asked as how could he reply to certain queries which were related to particular documents that were not in his possession and the IT was still trying to make hue and cry about it.

“The IT authorities are deliberately putting up certain queries knowing well that the documents related to these were not in my possession”, he said, while asking, “how can I reply to the queries when I am not in possession of the documents”.

Besides, he added, “my replies framed in legal parlance were being selectively leaked out of context to the media to create deliberate confusion”.

“I have said it time and again that I have nothing to hide and would voluntarily face and fully co-operate in every lawful investigation conducted by a lawful authority”, he asserted, while adding, “however, it is now apparent that this is not a bona fide lawful investigation but is a mala fide enquiry being guided and controlled by the Central Government at the obvious behest of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley”.

Capt Amarinder said, some of the queries have been deliberately framed in a form and manner to harass him and are beyond any logical answer. Giving an example, he said, the Query no.6,as reported in a section of the media, of the IT notice asks, ‘Please explain in detail the nature of your association/relation, with any other Trust, Company, business or other entity situated / registered / incorporated / created outside India of which you and/or your family members are shareholder /partner/ trustee/ settler/beneficiary or having any financial interest either in Individual capacity or as Karta of a Hindu Undivided Family or as a representative of any other person/business entity(ies)’.

“What answer can one give to such a vague and ambiguous query?” he asked, while adding, “the fact that legal replies and documentation in an ongoing investigation are being distributed to the members of the press allowing for verbatim quotations from such letters of shows how this investigation is being guided and controlled, in such a systematic manner by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley”.

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