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Amrinder lambasts Modi over CMs hooting issue

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captain_amrinder_singhCongress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today questioned the silence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as some chief ministers were hooted and howled at by his supporters in his presence in Haryana and Jharkhand, saying there was nothing new in this as Mr Modi has practised this trick with some of his own party leaders he did not like earlier also.

“His silence amounts to consent”, he remarked, while asking, “what if the Prime Minister is also hooted and jeered at in a similar way as he must remember that he has more opponents across the country than supporters”.

The Congress Deputy Leader also lashed out at the BJP for defending and justifying these shameful and disgusting incidents. “Instead of asking its workers to behave the party has tried to put the blame on the Chief Ministers asking them to introspect”, he pointed out, while remarking, this is a clear indication from the BJP to their cadres that they were not doing anything wrong.

“The Prime Minister should not only have objected to it, but condemned it and asked his supporters to behave”, Capt Amarinder observed, while adding, “instead he preferred to keep quiet probably deriving sadistic pleasure in the humiliation of the elected heads of different states”.

The former Punjab Chief Minister reminded Mr Modi that he has himself been the Chief Minister of a state for over a decade. “A Chief Minister does not represent a political party but is an elected head of the entire state and his humiliation is unacceptable”, he asserted.

He maintained that in case people did not like a particular Chief Minister they can in any case vote him out in a democratic manner as both the states where CMs were jeered at were already headed for elections. “Why try to use your supporters to denigrate your own colleagues whose cooperation you have regularly been seeking by advocating cooperative federalism?” he asked Mr Modi, while adding, “this is no cooperation but worst type of timid confrontation”.

Dignity demanded that the Prime Minister should have instantly condemned the hooting at the Chief Minister by his supporters at the first instance only. “Since he kept quiet and did not utter a single word of disapproval, leave aside condemnation, his supporters felt encouraged and emboldened to repeat it again”, he pointed out, while warning that such trend was undemocratic and unacceptable and can provoke backlash.

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