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Amrinder Singh embracing drug paddlers: Brar

Reacting to the raging controversy over Former Akali Minister Sarwan Singh Phillaur joing the Congress former MP & Prominent AAP Supporter Jagmeet Singh Brar lashed out at PPCC Chief Captain Amarinder Singh.

“The same man who held a Gutka in his hand and swore to punish all Drug dealers in Punjab is now garlanding one of the most well known drug suppliers in Punjab – he protected Majithia from a CBI probe, he allowed Bhola’s case to collapse in court and now he is openly hugging drug dealers” Jagmeet Singh Brar said.

Brar flayed Capt and added “Capt gave clean chits to Tytler and Kamal Nath in the ’84 case, now he will shamelessly give one more to Phillaur too – he held a Gutka in his hand and swore to fight drugs now he has dropped the Gutka and picked up drug money to fund his campaign. Captain will fall to any level and sell his soul to anyone for his political gain”

Sarwan Singh Phillaur was dropped from the Akali cabinet after his son’s name cropped up in a high profile drug case. Both father and son have been interrogated by the ED in the famous Jagdish Bhola Drug case, and that the case is still under investigation.

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