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Ankita was ready to sacrifice her career for Sushant

Sushant Singh Rajput's friend reveals secrets of Sushant-Ankita's love life

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ankita lokhande sushant singh rajput love affairProducer Sandeep Singh recently shared some secrets of Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande‘s love affair in an interview .

Sandeep says that Ankita has been a devoted girlfriend when the duo were in relationship.

“Ankita had taken over the responsibility of his mother . I have no idea about the wedding of Sushant and Riya Chakraborty” Sandeep Singh told  Spotboye.

Ankita’s relationship with Sushant was not limited to a girlfriend .

“She had replaced his mother . In my journey of twenty years in the industry, I never saw a girl like her. She cared for him as much as anyone ever did. There was only one who could save her’ Sandeep said.

Ankita would do anything to make Sushant happy 

It is really hard to find a life partner or a girlfriend like Ankita Lokhande. She was a dedicated partner who was ready to do anything for her boyfriend.

‘She had a habit of doing everything the right way for Sushant. She had changed herself  according to Sushant’s choice. be it the food she cooked, her clothing or the habit everything was as per Sushant’s choice . The interior of the house was also done according to his likes and dislikes. I really pray that everyone gets a girl like Ankita. ‘

Ankita Lokhande was ready to give up her bollywood career 

Ankita Lokhande ,according to Sandeep Singh is a very emotional human being.

‘She is very emotional and was willing to give up her career even for Sushant even when it was at its peak. She was a big name on TV and she was getting films too. Even after the breakup, she sould pray for the success of Sushant’s films” Sandeep said.


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