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Anushka overwhelmed with NH10 Success

anushka-sharma-nh10Anushka Sharma’s last film NH10 which released last week has been loved & appreciated by the masses & critics alike. The beautiful actress is overwhelmed with the response & is very happy with whatever has happened, but she also feels that the film could have been marketed better.

At an interview, when Anushka was asked if there is any part of the filmmaking process that she could have done better she said, “I wish we could have marketed the film a little bit better.”

When further probed about what held her back from promoting this film she said, “It’s difficult to market a film like NH10. It doesn’t have songs & since it is a smaller film, it is difficult to find spends like that for marketing. So, maybe that is something that I felt like if we could have done that. I am pretty happy with whatever has happened, if you ask me something that I wanted to do then I would say marketing.”

Further ask Anushka if this film has boosted her confidence and she says, “I was very confident that is why I did it in the first place. I have always had faith in certain kind of cinema which could be anything which is different; doesn’t really mean different cinema as in it has to be an offbeat, it can be a romantic comedy also, but my idea of romantic comedy might be very different, something which we haven’t seen before.”

Telling us about her film not being a smooth ride she said, “While NH10 was something that we believe in so much and we were kind of rooting for it the whole time, it was not a very smooth ride to make a film like NH10 unfortunately. People have a tendency to fall on the very tried & tested kind of methods and this didn’t fall in that category in terms of it didn’t have that typical commercial viability although now you know that it is a revenge drama. So, it’s a universally commercial topic, that is what we thought & then it’s a thriller again commercial, that’s what we thought, but then it didn’t have songs and attachments that one usually has to a typical Bollywood film. So it wasn’t a very smooth ride to make this film. We were asked to cut corners in many places which was completely like blasphemes for a film like this.”

Hoping for her ride as a producer being smooth in the future she said, “But I fell now there is credibility to us (my brother & me) as producers that now we will mostly find it easier to make films and we hope we get a smoother ride next time.”

Directed by Naveep Singh, produced by Phantom Films & Clean Slate Films, NH10 also starred Neil Bhoopalam & Darshan Kumar in the lead and released on 13th March, 2015.


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