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Badal draws flak for his Punjab peace remarks

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Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal has drawn flak for his remarks that if the BJP-Akali Dal alliance breaks in future , Punjab may lose peace.

The former Chief Minister and Congress MP from Amritsar Captain Amrinder Singh has expressed surprise over Badal’s open threats to the BJP that if it withdrew support to the Akali Dal, there will be communal polarisation in Punjab.

“Do you mean to say that if Akali Dal breaks up with the BJP there will be communal riots?” Captain Amrinder Singh asked Badal, adding, he must clarify as what he meant by what he has said.

Capt Amarinder Singh condemned the blackmail politics resorted to by the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for saying that the Akali-BJP alliance was in the interest of the ‘communal harmony’ in the state.

Referring to Mr Badal’s recent statement, Capt Amarinder asked, “by saying so, do you mean to admit a long established fact that both of you are communal representing two communal organisations and your being together was in the state’s interest?” He told Badal, “please come out of this misplaced impression that you are the sole representative of the Sikhs as you are trying to convey and claim by such statements”.

He also asked the BJP to come clear on the issue as such statements issued by both the parties had the potential of creating uncertainty in Punjab and threatening the hard earned peace in the state.

“The level of mutual mistrust you share has led to political uncertainty in the state and it is reflecting on whatever governance was left there”,Captain Amrinder Singh told the Akali and BJP leaders.

The Congress leader maintained that people of Punjab had put behind the dark past that was the creation of the people like Badal. “As long as you are in power, you seem to be alright but the moment you start feeling insecure about your position you resort to such types of blackmail of threat to peace and communal harmony”, he told Badal advising him to come out of the sectarian and divisive mindset lest it harm and push Punjab to a point of no return.

Capt Amarinder asked Badal that instead of dropping subtle threats to the BJP to save his government, he should focus on the state’s progress and development. He pointed out, more people have died in the state due to the drug trafficking patronised by his government than those killed during terrorism. This is time to think and take action and not resort to political blackmail.

Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal said that the stories about SAD-BJP have been cooked by the media. He said that he has safeguarded the interests of Punjab throughout his life and said that that the prime issue before

the SAD was to preserve the communal harmony, peace and brotherhood in the state, for which every effort was being made by them.

He said that the SAD was committed for safeguarding the interests of the state and no compromise would be made in this regard.

“Throughout my life I have struggled for safeguarding the interests of Punjab and I will continue this duty till my last breath” Badal said in Sultanpur Lodhi,Kapurthala on Thursday.

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