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Befikre is full of drama and spice

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befikreBefikre is Aditya Chopra’s fourth feature film as a director. The film has a lot of drama and spice, thanks to Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor’s smoking hot presence and those kisses every now and then.

But in the end Befikre is a karam (piece of work) that adds nothing innovative to Bollywood’s rom-com genre in its plot and just fulfills the dharma (duty) of a rom-com to please its 25 and less aged target audience who are not that demanding as far as their cinema (read movie outing) is concerned.

Targeting the multiplex audience
Beautifully shot and it’s no longer news that mostly films from YRF and Dharma are glossy in the feel targeting the multiplex audience with good looking actors and locations. So if the plot goes wrong, the locations, actors, their costume can get you hooked. This time the kisses are also in equal proportion.

On the music front Vishal and Shekhar deliver two winners – Labon Ka Karobaar and Nashe Si Chadh Gayi.

Cinematography by Kaname Onoyama is marvelously beautiful. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography is fabulous. Editor Namrata Rao should have sat with an extra pair of scissors.

And yes last ‘butt’ not the least… Ranveer Singh has ‘dared’ it in a blink-and-miss moment for his fans by appearing nude showing his back.

Finally in an attempt to end this on a nice note – I can say that I didn’t hate BEFIKRE but that doesn’t mean that I loved it either. The adorable Ranveer and Vani made it watchable but not lovable.

A triangular Love Story 
Starting from a string of kisses from various characters and ending it with Ranveer and Vani doing the same but in the air (middle of bungee jumping – a new idiom given to the institute of marriage) Befikre thankfully doesn’t make us frown in spite of its messiness in the mushiness it offers but it is an undeniable let down by Aditya Chopra as a story teller for those who are awed by his mastery in the cult DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE and the extremely likeable RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

So, the new age Raj and Simran aka Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vani Kapoor) respectively are the carefree ‘Dilwale’ (read dudes) in Paris in this Aditya Chopra and Sharat Katariya written script that begins with a tussle between Dharam (Ranveer Singh) introduced in his boxers with his live in partner Shyra (Vani Kapoor – with a touch up and accent). The immediate deja vu of Chopra’s own 11 year old SALAM NAMASTE starring Saif and Priety is irresistible; those who have seen this film know ‘exactly’ what I mean.

Coming back to business, after break up Dharam and Shyra are back into their routines. Dharam is a standup comedian who performs at a club called Delhi Belly and Shyra is a tourist guide. Moving in back and forth format, the movie showcases the relationship between Dharam and Shreya who become living-in partners after a chance encounter, separate, become friends again but fail to discover their true feelings towards each other even after ‘daring’ it all for each other like slapping a policeman, strip teasing in a library, eating a bucket full of chicken wings, stealing undergarments, kissing and making love at will.

The cliche entry of a triangle, the entry of another person in the life’s of Shyra – a banker and a model in Dharam’s life brings in jealousy making them realize that they are made for each other. But the audience knows it right from the beginning in this thin plot that fails to add anything new.

The movie has some good moments and is ruled by the charm of Ranveer Singh who is well supported by Vani Kapoor. They look good together especially while they dance.

The introduction scene, ‘Nashe si chad gayi’ song and Ranveer’s interaction with Vani’s parents are entertaining. The first half is enjoyable and gives hope.

The second half is a complete surrender to the known cliches; a throwback of Chopra’s BAND BAJA BARAAT, DDLJ and SALAM NAMASTE becomes so evident. No matter how much Dharam and Shreya kiss and try to tell us its different but Aditya Chopra in Befikre is just plain routine in second half that goes on and on and on with a surreal scene in the church just before the end that almost killed the film. The mushy end however saves it.

Ranveer Singh’s infectious energy throughout and amazing spontaneity makes you sit through. Vani Kapoor turns as Ranveer’s perfect muse on screen. Their last dance in one word is ‘sexy’.

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