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BJP had promised moon, delivered nothing: Sonia Gandhi

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Rahul-gandhi-sonia-gandhiCongress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday launched a scathing attack on the BJP while addressing a rally in Tosham (Bhiwani), Haryana. Smt Gandhi said asked people to be wary of BJP and INLD, claiming their sole aim was to grab power for vested interests.

“Today, when polls are before us, our rival parties, in a bid to capture power, have come out of their houses and even out of the jails,” said the Congress President.

The Congress President said the people should not fall into the trap of the BJP which promises a lot but delivers little.

She also attacked INLD leader and former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, who was serving a 10-year imprisonment in a graft case but was campaigning while on bail on health grounds, for his remarks that if his party comes to power he will take oath from Tihar jail.

The Congress President attacked the Narendra Modi government’s decision to decontrol prices of crucial drugs.

“Prime Minister recently visited United States and only time will tell what was gained and what was lost….But one thing which he (Modi) did, what I think is very wrong, this will benefit American drug companies to big extent. As a result, cost of life saving drugs will go up and common man will have to suffer,” said Sonia Gandhi.

She also said that the BJP government was weakening laws on land acquisition and rural employment brought in by UPA.

“We implemented MNREGA. It has changed the lives of crores of families. It has especially benefited women from Dalit families and the weaker section. But BJP government is preparing to weaken the law. This will be grave injustice to those who depend on it for their livelihood and are searching for jobs,” said Congress President.

Smt Gandhi said that BJP had promised moon during run up to the Lok Sabha elections. “But now they want power for personal gain. Do not fall into the trap of their lies…during UPA’s rule, we approved one rank one pension for ex servicemen…we do what we say,” she said.

Congress President lauded the contribution of the people of Haryana in various fields including country’s freedom struggle and green revolution.

“Your state is front ranking in terms of development and this is so because in 1966 after Haryana was carved out (as a separate State), most of the times you supported Congress,” said Smt Gandhi.

She added that the victory of Congress in Haryana will be the victory of rights of the poor.

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