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Bollywood Actress Mumtaz and her Film career !

Bollywood Actress Mumtaz has been struggling with cancer and is alive.


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bollywood actress mumtazVeteran Bollywood actress Mumtaz is in the news but for wrong reasons.

A fake news about her sudden demise went viral on social media.

Good news is this that Mumtaz , who is a cancer patient,is alive and out of danger.

Mumtaz worked as an extra in Bollywood films

Till 1963 Mumtaz worked as an extra or did small roles in Bollywood films .

When the producer of Faulaad (1963) was looking for the lead actress someone suggested Mumtaz who so far had worked in a number of films to support her family.

Director Mohammed Hussain did not believe in a popular face and signed Mumtaz for the film.

Bollywood sources even say that Since late Dara Singh had yet to prove his mettle as an actor, no heroine was ready to work with him.

Dara Singh established himself as a action hero with his role in King Kong (1962). However, his first film as an actor was Sangdil (1952).

Mumtaz’s debut as a Bollywood‘s lead actress

Action movies were a new genre which the Indian audiences tasted more by watching Faulad.

The chemistry of this onscreen couple was also liked by the people . The producers of this genre were also equally impressed .

Mumtaz and Dara Singh worked together in 16 action films .These films were shot in seven years between 1963 to 1969.

How Mumtaz met Bollywood’s action hero Dara Singh

bollywood actress mumtaz pensive

Dara Singh and Mumtaz had met during a wrestling match in 1963 as Naz, her mother was Dara Singh’s fan.

Insiders say Dara Singh developed a liking for Mumtaz.Both were already family friends.

Mumtaz’s younger sister Malika got married to Dara Singh’s brothr S S Randhawa.

However, the relationship could not materialise into marriage .

Mumtaz wanted to get rid of the ‘action film heroine’ and wanted to do romantic roles.

Both parted their ways and were not seen in any film after Khoon Apna Dushman (1969).

Mumtaz remembers Dara Singh as a man or an actor who shaped her Bollywood career. She was just 15 when she played a lead role in Faulad.

“Dara Singh was a great human being,soft spoken gentleman ,disciplined and punctual. He was very protective about me and used to take care of me on the sets,” Mumtaz said in an interview last year.

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