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Captain denies Swiss Bank account allegations

Facing the allegations of having Swiss Bank accounts,former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh has dismissed as malafide and politically motivated the IT prosecution complaint against him in an alleged foreign assets case.

“Why did the IT not file any complaint in the past two years instead of waiting for the elections,” asked Captain Amarinder, adding that the charges were completely fabricated and would be proved as such in the court.

Reacting to reports that the Income Tax department had filed a prosecution complaint against him in a foreign assets case, Captain Amarinder said the cowardly act, engineered by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley out of sheer political vendetta, would not stand in the court of law.

Now that the matter is in court, the true colours and instructions of political vendetta by Jaitley will be exposed, said Captain Amarinder, adding that he will request the court to summon the finance minister and other senior officials of the IT department to expose all those who were part of the conspiracy. “I have known about this conspiracy for the past two years and was waiting for this opportunity to get all these people on the stand”, he said.
Such cheap tactics will not help the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) ruling alliance escape the total rout they are facing in the forthcoming Assembly elections, said Captain Amarinder, adding that such vindictive moves would backfire on Jaitley and the Modi government at the Centre, as well as the Badals in the state.
Captain Amarinder said Jaitley’s reaction, which had come in response to his challenge to fight the Amritsar Lok Sabha by election, was predictable. “It was during the Lok Sabha election of 2014, which Jaitley had lost by a huge margin from Amritsar, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had first raised the bogey of my foreign assets case at an election rally in Barmer,” said Captain Amarinder, pointing out that the issue had not helped save Jaitley from a humiliating defeat.

Captain Amarinder pointed out that even the Enforcement Department (ED) and the Income Tax department, acting at the behest of Jaitley, had failed to dig out any proof against him or his family members in the past two years.

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