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Congress alleges illegal land deals between Alchemist and Dhumal Government

Shimla: Congress General Secretary and state in-charge Choudhary Birender Singh has accused Dhumal government of illegal dealings of hundreds of bighas of land in Rampur-Keonthal, near Tutu in the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. This has certainly revealed the dark intensions of the Dhumal government.

According to Choudhary Birender Singh, the Rampur-Keonthal land was purchased in the name of a local person. However, the money for the land was arranged by the country’s renowned company Alchemist. Much furore was created when the facts pertaining to the matter started coming to surface. The cheques for the payment of the land given to its owners were also issued by Alchemist.

The very fact that the purchaser of the land is a local resident and the money is coming in from outside the state puts a question mark on the credibility of the dealing. And, what is disturbing is that in spite of being aware of the nature of such dealings, the matter was not investigated by the Dhumal government.

Chaudhary said that the residents of village Ramapur-Keonthal ran from pillar to post to register a complaint against the deal. However, nobody paid much heed towards their complaint. They levied allegations that the Dhumal Government is preparing ‘Land Bank’ for non-Himachal residents. In this deal the fingers were also raised on Sandeep Sethi of Solan, but no action was taken against him. This further raises eyebrows against Dhumal Government. The important thing to consider is that who in the government is promoting  such dubious land deals.

Chaudhary assured that after being voted to power, Congress will initiate an enquiry into this deal and shall expose the guilty.

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