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Congress demands bringing down Diesel prices

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Despite prices of International crude having come down by more than 15% ever since the Modi government took over, price of Diesel in the domestic market have gone up by 3.9%. Sold at Rs 56.71/ltr when the BJP assumed office, Diesel today is available at Rs 58.97/ltr.

While the crude oil prices in the International Market are at their 46 month low having gone down to Rs 5375.30/barrel from a high of Rs 6318.76/barrel on May 26,2014, diesel prices inside the country have been increased by Rs 2.26. The BJP Government has increased the Diesel prices by 3.9% on 4 different occasions since they have assumed power at the Centre. When international prices were at such low level 46 months back, the price in the domestic market in Delhi was Rs 37.75/liter, and it is only logical that corresponding to the international slide, prices in the domestic prices also come down proportionately.

Why is the Union Govt. not reducing Diesel prices? What is restraining them to pass on the benefits to the ordinary Indian? Who is the intermediary benefitting out of the glaring price gap?

Isn’t the Government aware that Diesel driven inflation is something that adversely affects the largest section of population? Aren’t they bothered about the fact that prices of Diesel affect the prices of things as basic as food grains, vegetables and public transport? Are they not aware that diesel used in tractors, pumps and farm implements affect the farmer adversely?

The Congress Party demands that the Diesel prices be immediately brought down in proportion to the price of the international crude. If it doesn’t do so we will launch public protest throughout the country.

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