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Congress takes a dig at BJP on Gadkari’s Modi remarks


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New Delhi: The Congress Monday took a dig at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over its party chief Nitin Gadkari’s remarks that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had good potential of becoming prime minister, saying the party’s definition of accomplishment was based on “communalism.”

“By the BJP’s definition the Gujarat chief minister possesses all talents and a versatile range of competence and accomplishment because the BJP’s definition is based on communalism or on divisiveness. By that definition, I have no doubt that Mr. Gadkari has proclaimed the best choice,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said here.

Answering questions, Singhvi said Gadkari’s remarks showed the BJP’s bankruptcy.

“If the most talented person for this post which the BJP can find is the person Mr. Gadkari has mentioned, then I think it shows the bankruptcy of BJP’s ideas and also shows the hidden agenda,” Singhvi said.

“Fortunately for us neither Mr. Gadkari nor his party chooses the prime minister of India,” Singhvi said and added that people of the country “take a very, very close and careful look at talent and qualities before they select a person to head the government.

Gadkari had suggested during a TV interview that Modi had “good potential” of not only leading the party but also becoming the prime minister if the BJP was voted to power.

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