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Crack down on black money to continue: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated his government’s commitment to root out corruption from the country and said the defaulters will not be spared. He said all records since independence will be checked and if any case of unaccounted cash is found, nobody will be spared.

Addressing Indian diaspora at Kobe in Japan,Modi also hinted at introducing new measures to crack down on black money after 30th of December.

The Prime Minister said his government will do everything to protect the interests of honest citizens. Mr Modi said there is a need to free country from the menace of poverty.

Modi praised each and every Indians who accepted the government’s decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 rupees notes, even though they faced inconvenience.

He said, money that has been looted has to be recovered. Mr Modi said when the present government assumed office it first opened bank accounts for the poor. He said, India is receiving record FDI and is moving quickly on the path of economic progress.

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