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Demonetisation has failed to unearth Black Money: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party has slammed Prime Minister Narender Modi led government for having failed to unearth black money even after demonetisation drive.

The Aam Aadmi Party said that as on date banks and ATMs do not have any availability of cash. The salaried class is due to get their monthly income and Modi Sarkar should tell the country whether the banking system is prepared for the withdrawal of salaries. There is immense concern amongst ordinary people who have borne the brunt of the cash shortage whether they will be able to meet their monthly household needs once their salaries are credited. Modiji should let the country know exactly by what date will the ATMs resume normal functioning.

AAP National Spokesperon Raghav Chadha said that “The Note Ban scheme has clearly failed to unearth black money and has hit the economy bad. In order to cover up now the government has introduced a VDS scheme in which he has reduced the 200% penalty right down to 10%. It is like an invitation to black money hoarders that they can redeem their black money at 50% discount. At the same time the ordinary people are being persecuted with measure like cut in interest rates on their fixed deposits. Normally when interests rates are down, loans become cheaper but exactly the opposite is happening under Modi Sarkar – loans for the common people are becoming dearer. In simple language it means that when a common man saves money he will receive very less interest, but when he takes a loan, he will pay higher interest rates. This strange kind of economics will kill the common man.”

Narendra Modi Fooling People

AAP National Spokesperson and Delhi Convenor Dilip Pandey said that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fooling Indians with his outrageous lies. We would like to remind Modi Sarkar that the 1st of the month is approaching and the salaried class is due to receive their salaries. Has this government made any arrangements that these people can withdraw their salaries for their household expenses. Modi Sarkar needs to inform the nation what preparations have been done to meet this salary cycle. If the current situation continues the salaried class wont know whether they should do their work or spend their working hours in bank queues in order to feed their children.”

Pandey further added that “Modi Sarkar is absolutely clueless on how they will make up for the huge economic losses that are taking place due to the note ban. Modi Sarkar is in fact trying to hide the huge losses and downturns that have been caused. One worries that Home Loans are slated to get more expensive in the coming days. We would like to know if, as per a recent fiat, banks are to transfer all the current deposits to RBI, will the banks not again be depleted of funds and face a cash crunch? Will this not lead to an increase in loan terms? In order to aid the banks the central bank has slashed deposit rates which directly affects the common man’s savings.”

Make bank account details public, AAP to BJP

Aam Aadmi Party has asked the BJP MLAs and MPs to make their bank statements and account details public.

The party Spokesperson Ashutosh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are lying to the people of India.

“In continuation with the daily soap opera, the Prime Minister has asked BJP MPs and MLAs to provide their banking details between 8 November and 31 December to BJP Party President Amit Shah. The Aam Aadmi Party demands that this information should be made public in the interest of transparency. In fact, if the Prime Minister really wants to prove that no BJP leader was involved in money conversion, then the all their banking details and land transactions six months prior to 8 November should be made public,” Ashutosh said.

AAP leader said that The Note Ban Scam has destroyed the economic infrastructure of the country and people are suffering for the want of a few rupees. He also said that the Prime Minister comes up with ridiculous orders and notifications every day – all meant to cover up the complete lack of planning and preparation.

“Now he has asked BJP MPs and MLAs to declare their banking details, but this is another ploy to trick the citizens on India,” Ashutosh said raising following questions:

· Why are the BJP MPs and MLAs only disclosing their transaction from 8 November? They should disclose all the transaction six months prior to the note ban.

· BJP MPs and MLAs should not only disclose the banking transactions, theirs and their immediate family members, but they should also disclose their land transactions in the same period.

· All the above information should not be given to the BJP Party President Amit Shah but to the people of India. It is essential that all the murky transactions of the BJP leaders be exposed. In fact this information should be shared with the Income Tax Department too.

· What right does Amit Shah have to demand the income details of people’s representatives – is he the national income tax commissioner?

· Why is the Prime Minister quiet on the issue of bringing all political parties under RTI?

· Is it not true that the BJP is one of those 6 political parties that opposed the order of the CIC to bring political parties under RTI?

· 80% of BJPs funding is from unknown sources – why is Modiiji silent on this issue?

· The Delhi High Court had found the BJP guilty of accepting funds from a foreign company Vedanta, flouting the rules of the People’s Representation Act – the Prime Minister must explain his stance on this illegal act of the BJP.

· It is widely known that in the 2014 Loksabha Elections, Narendra Modi spent 25000 crores on his election campaign, all of this was black money. We demand that the Prime Minister must disclose the courses of this money.”

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