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Dilliwaali Zalim Girlfriend cleared with U/A

Dilliwaali Zalim Girlfriend_2The Censor Board has asked the makers of Dilliwaali Zalim Girlfriend to mute 63 dialogues which include abusive language like ‘Saali’, ‘Saala’ .The film has been cleared by giving U/A certificate.

The cuts have left the director of the film, Japinder Kaur fuming.

Says the miffed director, “If there is no thematic issue, I don’t understand the problem in just picking up singular words that are local lingo.”

She further adds, “To bring about any change in rules, we should systematically lay down guidelines with time limits. The censor should inform that films going into going into production now should follow new rules; because they have the space to, not the ones that are already completed and have been in working progress in the last 1-2 years.”

Produced by Manjeet Kaur & Tarnpreet Singh, Dilliwaali Zalim Girlfriend stars Divyendu Sharma, Jackie Shroff, Ira Dubey, Prachi Mishra, Pradhuman Singh & others and is set to release on 20th March, 2015.

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