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Elections to decide Haryana fate: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who addressed a series of rallies in Haryana on Wednesday has said that the assembly election will decide the fate of Haryana.

“The forthcoming election is one that will determine the future of Haryana.A few families had been ruling Haryana for long, and had not contributed to the development of the state,” Modi said.

He said that voters this time, farmers, youth, mothers, sisters want to see a Haryana that is developing fast, that has security. And therefore, the BJP will form a government with full majority this time.

Narendra Modi said he is well-acquainted with Haryana – and his entry into politics was through this state.

He said for the last 25 years, elected Governments are interested in furthering family interests. He said there was widespread corruption in the state government. He said to get rid of this, a BJP government with full majority was needed.

The Prime Minister said he has a vision of river interlinking to ensure water supply to areas which are short of water, and mitigate the problem of floods in areas which are flood prone.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to change “Scam Haryana” to “Skill Haryana.”

Narendra Modi said Haryana has two parts – one where there is potential for agriculture development, and one where there is potential for industrial development. Besides, Kurukshetra has huge potential to develop as a major tourism destination.

The Prime Minister said today there was a new respect across the world for India. This was due to the decisive mandate given to the Union Government by 125 crore Indians. He said if the people wanted Haryana to make a name on the world stage, then a stable state government (with full BJP majority), was necessary.

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