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Five mistakes police made in Kasauli firing case


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Laxity on parts of police gave the accused an opportunity to roam free even after the crime

Solan police  made five serious mistakes while handling the demolition drive and the firing incident reported on May 2, 2018.

1. There was no coordination between the police and administrative officers. The state government in its status report filed in Supreme Court says that the lady officer had not taken her seniors into the confidence when she entered the Narayani guest house ,owned by the mother of accused Vijay Singh Thakur. Perhaps this allegation has been leveled to save some lenient officers.

2. The police failed to assess the threat perception and took the accused Vijay Singh Thakur very casually. The police officers did not arrest the accused  when he was trying to obstruct and had  threatening to commit suicide.

3. The police did not ask the hotel owners to deposit their licensed weapons. Sources say a sizable chunk of the hotel owners owned weapons. Accused Vijay Singh Thakur had purchased a . 32 revolver in 2011 and had even test fired one of the bullets earlier.

4. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Solan Dr Shiv kumar, there were as much as 14 police officials including a local SHO present at the crime scene when the accused shot the officer dead. One of the cops had also chased the  accused for some distance  but turned his back when the accused pointed his gun at him.

5. The cops present at the Crime scene did not try to overpower the accused who had managed to escape from he Crime scene without any fear. Not only this he had also managed to come back in the dark to hide his revolver inside the wall.of the guest house which was under guard.



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