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Gadkari not to quit as BJP President

New Delhi : Nitin Gadkari has made it clear that he will not quit as BJP president. Speaking at the session – kab khilega kamal—at Agenda Aajtak ,TV Today Network Conclave, Gadkari said, “There’s no FIR, no income-tax notice, no court summons against me. I cannot be dishonest just on the basis of allegations and perception. There’s no question of resigning as party president. Prove one allegation against me and I will quit. I am Dabangg and I believe in responding with eye for an eye.”

He also said, “Kejriwal’s allegations of land grab have been proved false. My links with Pawar have also been negated.

To cap the debate on Modi being the prime ministerial candidate, Gadkari said BJP won’t project any leader for the top post before the Lok Sabha elections. “We will decide on the PM’s candidate after the election results. We will wait for the scenarios to emerge after the results. Our party doesn’t believe in PM from PM’s womb.
Will Gadkari get a second term as BJP president? “I didn’t go to anybody to become party president. The decision will be taken by the BJP parliamentary board.”

But will the BJP face the drubbing again in 2014? “It’s the era of coalition politics. Regional parties don’t want to back the Congress. Once we get close to the 275 figure, all these parties will fall in line. The BJP is no untouchable. It’s all about the politics of convenience. If they did not support us on FDI in parliament, it’s because of the fear of CBI.”

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