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Hamari Adhuri Kahani Movie Review

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hamari-adhuri-kahani-reviewIt’s one of those films where the audience laughs when it’s supposed to cry. The film severely damages the reputation of those who are part of it from actors to its financiers. It’s a crippling setback to Vidya Balan’s career. Her ability to evaluate a film’s script and role is under cloud now.

You will not find a parallel to its appallingly idiotic dialogues and screenplay in the past few decades of Bollywood film industry. It’s as bad as that.

It’s the story of Vasudha (Vidya Balan), a girl who has an arranged marriage with Hari (Rajkummar Rao). She has a child by him. Hari goes missing and is supposed to have joined some terrorist group and killed foreign tourists according to the police. Vasudha works in a five star hotel as a florist to earn her livelihood and look after her son. That’s where she meets Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi), a rich hotelier who owns a chain of hotels across the globe. Aarav likes her sincerity and sense of service. He offers her a job in his Dubai hotel. She finally accepts it. They fall in love. But Vasudha is still tradition bound and cannot forget her ‘mangal sutra’ that ties her fate to Hari for seven lives. Hari also had got his name tattooed on her forearm to make sure she could not erase him from her life.

It’s Aarav’s mother who convinces Vasudha that she should rather be a Radha who follows her love and heart than a duty-bound Sita. Vasudha is convinced and gets into Aarav’s bed instantly. Aarav wants her to complete her divorce proceedings so that he can call her son his own. She returns and finds that Hari is back. He tells her that he was not a terrorist and she tells him about her love for Aarav. They have a fight. Hari will not let her go even if he has to lose his life. He confesses to the police about the crime he had not committed to pressurize Vasudha. The subterfuge works. Vasudha feels morally bound and refuses to go with Aarav. Do Vasudha and Aarav and their love survive this test?

The writers seem to be driven by a cause, to turn all Sitas into Radhas. Mangal Sutra is a symbol of slavery to be discarded. A Hindu man treats his wife as his property. She should rebel. Radha & Krishna’s love story is the ideal relationship. Sita is not the right ideal for a woman. She should follow her heart and not a duty imposed by ‘saat pheras’ and a ‘mangal-sutra’ for a relationship that lasts ‘saat janams’.

The writers also seem to be fulfilling their ultimate wish to do a PAKEEZAH. They indulge in mushy and embarrassingly intense and heavy-handed dialogue writing. Ms. Balan tries to do a Meena Kumari and Mr. Hashmi plays Rajkumar. Their histrionic act causes unintended ripples of mirth in supposedly serious and deeply romantic situations. You can survive and enjoy the film if you take it to be a comedy and not a tragedy. The most important romantic motif used in the film is white Calla Lilly flowers. The hero has particularly strong and sensitive nostrils to sense their non-existent enchanting smell.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani is not a film. It’s an embarrassment.

Ratings : 0/5

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