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Himachal to set up Disaster Response Force

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beas_tragedy_rescueAfter facing difficulties during the Beas tragedy rescue operation, Himachal Pradesh government on Thursday announced its own disaster response force  (DRF).

The force will recruit a trained and motivated team of  professionals. Three Companies of third Police Battalion, Pandoh, in district Mandi comprising of as many as 300 Jawans, would be given operational level training which will include disaster response, prevention, mitigation and capacity building within no time. They would be made capable of handling any adverse situation.

Himachal chief minister Virbhadra Singh said that  a dedicated team of about 30 Jawans of Home Guards would be trained and deployed in each districts to promptly act during disasters which would be expanded in times to come. The equipments required to be used during disasters would be made available down below to Tehsil level.

The Chief Minister said that bilingual hoardings with warnings be installed at vulnerable points mainly near river beds or  areas prone to land slips so as to avoid and warn the locals and the tourists venturing out into the rivers or such areas.

Virbhadra Singh said that almos all Himalayan Rivers are perennial, and the flow of water increases with the melting of snow, particularly in the evening the year around and it should be ensured that warnings boards and hoardings be erected at all vulnerable points along the river beds and such areas be fenced and if possible, place a police guard on such places.

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