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How Cyber Stalking ruined Rani Chatterjee

Rani Chatterjee is being stalked and abused by an unknown person from eight years on social media.

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rani chatterjee being harassed on social mediaFamous Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee is going through a bad phase in her life.

The actress says she is being stalked by an unknown person from 8 years on social media.

Rani’s allegations have shocked the Bollywood . She is subject to body shaming which made her depressed . She has allegedly been thinking to end her life.

” I have been going through mental stress . I do not have the courage to handle this situation.  If I did not get any help, I will commit suicide ” she said.

Rani Chatterjee  trolled on Social media

Rani Chatterjee says she is being harassed by one Dhanjay Singh from 2012. This may not be his real name.

This cyber stalker chases the actress whenever she shares something on social media.

” I Initially ignored him but now I cannot bear it. I become frustrated after reading abusive comments” Rani Chatterjee said.

Rani has been trying to remain positive. But things go beyond control when people share screen shots of dirty messages.

The stalker  makes personal comments on Rani Chatterjee 

Rani says that being a celebrity she is aware that this can happen. She tries to ignore the criticism but the accused is making personal attacks.

“He targers my complexion, obesity and married life” Rani said.

Rani said that Dhanjay is trying to tarnish her image. When she posted  Dubai and Bangkok visit photos he asked about the source of money.

“He questions my character which results in trolling. This is mentally stressful” says Rani Chatterjee.

Cyber crime officials fail  to help Rani Chatterjee

Interestingly, Rani did not get help from the Cybercrime officials. She made a number of complaints but they faled to trace him.

“This has thrown me into a despair.I am depressed and taking sleeping pills” says Rani.

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Rani said she is getting a medical help and counselling to get out of depression. She added that her family is also worried about her.

“I want to come out of this and live a normal life. I have requested the Mumbai police to arrest Dhanjay Singh” says Rani.

Rani says she was happy with her career and was satisfied with her progress. But this cyber stalker has changed her life.

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