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How Kashmiri Gate sparked the 1857 mutinee !

Know about Kashmiri Gate

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Kashmiri Gate is one of the four main gates of Shahjahanabad including Delhi Darwaza ,Turkman Darwaza and Ajmeri Darwaza.

A transport hub today, the
Kashmiri Gate once served as the northern Gate to the erstwhile imperial capital

Established by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

This gate acquired its name as the road leading to Kashmir started from here.

Kashmiri Gate is one of the four main gates of Shahjahanabad including Delhi Darwaza ,Turkman Darwaza and Ajmeri Darwaza.

These gates including Kashmiri Gate were built during the mid 17th century.

Kashmiri Gate was once a small Trade Centre after the Britishers
captured Delhi from the Marathas .

They established a customs house here which would levy taxes on the trade.

Kashmiri Gate is located close to the inter State Bus Terminus and Kashmiri Gate metro station. The headquarters of Delhi Metro are also located here.

The Kashmiri Gate
holds significance to the Indians as it witnessed the famous eighteen fifty seven Sepoy rebellion .

Rebel Indian sepoys had captured this gate and later the British Troops bombarded its walls and bastions to control the rebellion in eighteen fifty seven.

Rebel Indian soldiers had fired volleys of cannonballs from Kashmiri Gate at the British army in the eighteen fifty seven.

They had also used this Gate to assemble and strategize the fighting against British army.

The walls of Kashmiri gate still wear the testimony to the bombardments.

The left leaf of the Gate besides a bridge were destroyed by the Britishers using gunpowder in the final assault on the Rebels.

A specific area of Delhi is called the walled city which is now known as old Delhi .

Shahjahan had protected his capital Shahjahanabad
with a wall which had 14 gates.

The Britishers when started settling in New Delhi had found the walls of Shahjahanabad which were damaged and lacked repairs after 1804 Attack by Maratha Holkar.

The Britishers themselves had also bombarded the walls of Kashmiri gate but later restored them and started settling near the Kashmiri Gate .

Later the Britishers also installed a plaque inside the Kashmiri Gate which commemorates the September 14 ,1857 attack on the gate by British army.

So while visiting New Delhi do not forget to pay a visit to Kashmiri gate which will remind you of the erstwhile Shahjahanabad and the 1857 mutinee.

Kashmiri Gate is being maintained and has been restored by the Archaeological Survey of India .

The characteristic features of Kashmiri Gate are bulbous domes which have lost the plaster.It is not known whether they were decorated with miniatures or not

Entry to this Gate is free.The passage has lawns on both sides.

You will be welcomed by a brood of monkeys who can be seen feasting on the lawn of this Gate.

Beyond this gate was a Mughal garden which has vanished now.

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