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India didn’t earn respect in 100 days,Sonia attacks Modi

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Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday made a sharp attack on the Narendra Modi led BJP government at the centre for making false promises to the people which were not fulfilled.

Addressing her first election rally in Haryana during the Vidhan Sabha elections in the state at Meham , Sonia Gandhi said the BJP had created an atmosphere as if they would change the fate of the people.

” But what did they actually do? Has the price rise reduced in the country? Has the daily food for the people become cheaper? Have the nation’s youth got jobs? They claimed that Black money hoarded abroad will be brought back in 100 days. What happened to that? Has it come back? Did they take any step in these regard? ’’ questioned Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi asked the people to cast their votes very cautiously.

“You have to take the decision on your vote from your mind and not from your heart if you want the much need development of your region. You have to be beware of those people who are making false promises to you,’’ said Sonia Gandhi.

She said no country makes progress in a day. It takes years of good intentions and hard work to do so. But the BJP is behaving as if it is responsible for all the progress of the country.

She said Haryana has made progress as a result of years of good intentions and hard work, but the BJP wants to take credit for the good works. The Congress worked all these years for the progress of the country and the people, but the BJP is behaving as if they are responsible for all the progress and development. The BJP feels happy in owning others’ projects. They are taking credit for good works done by us,’’ said Sonia Gandhi.

She appealed to the people to vote for the Congress candidates so that they could play an important  role in shaping a progressive Haryana. She asked the people what was the situation in Haryana before the Congres came to power nine and half years ago. “There was an atmosphere of fear in the state.

Yahan to jiski lathi uski bhains chalti thi,’’, she said. But the Congress provided a stable government to you.  As a result Haryana made progress in all the fields be it education, transport, water and power issues, everything. The condition of Dalits and Backward Classes were improved. Delhi Metro was brought to Gurgaon in Haryana and now to Bahadurgarh as well. Extension section of AIIMS too was brought to Haryana and the state was provided modern medical facilities, along with universities,’’ she said.

Sonia Gandhi said the BJP has nothing to do with the problems or issues of the people.

“They have only sold false dreams to people to gain popularity. We have to be beware of these things,’’ she said.

Earlier addressing the gathering Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the BJP’s campaign in the Lok Sabha poll had been centred around a single person. The BJP was routed in the bypolls of Rajasthan, Gujarat and UP and now they will be wiped out in Haryana as well,’’ said Hooda.

Hooda said the UPA government gave so many good schemes to the people including Right to Food, Right to Education, Right to Information etc. Under Right to Food lakhs of people are getting rice , dal and wheat at a very low price. The Haryana government reduced the interest rate of farm loans of the farmers. The pension for the aged has been increased to Rs 1500 and if our government comes to power again we can increase it further,’’ said Hooda. Rohtak MP Dedpender Singh Hooda, Haryana Congress president Dr Ashok Tanwar. Congress General secretary Shakil Ahmed and AICC Secretary Asha Kumari were also present at the Meham rally.

Later addressing the Sirsa rally, Sonia Gandhi said she was proud to be in the land of brave soldiers. She said India has made huge progress as a result of the efforts of the great leaders of the country like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal bahadur Shashtri, Dr Manmohan Singh and others. In the last ten years of the Congress rule, Haryana has made good progress and the result is for you to see.

Patting Bhupinder Singh Hooda for his ten-years rule in the state, Sonia Gandhi said Haryana pays the highest compensation to the farmers for land acquisition, highest wages to the labourers, highest wages to safai karmacharis, highest amount of pension to the aged, and four new medical too were opened More than 10,000 safai karmacharis were given jobs in the rural areas of the state. Haryana also opened the first women’s college in the country.

She cautioned the voters to note the false promises of other parties. “Vote for Congress for growth and progress of Haryana,’’ said Sonia Gandhi.

Bhupinder Singn Hooda said in the last general elections people did not vote for the BJP, but a false halo was created against the personality of Narendra Modi. But in just three and half months the halo has faded and it has ben proved that he did not hve a magic wand to change the face of the country. He said the Haryana government’s schemes favoured every section of people, even the aged whose pension was raised to Rs 1000 per month will be enhanced to Rs 1500 per month from November 1 and if the Congress is voted to power again it may be further increased to probably Rs 2000 per month.

Hooda said BJP’s claim that the price of  rice in Haryana has increased because of the 4 per cent tax being charged at the anaz mandis of the state was not true. This tax has been taken all these years but there was never any issue of the increase in the price of dhan. He assured Sonia Gandhi that the Congress will win all the nine seats in the region.

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