India test-fires Dhanush ballistic missile

Dhanush ballistic missileIndia has successfully test-fired nuclear-capable Dhanush ballistic missile from a naval ship off the Odisha coast.

The surface-to-surface Dhanush was test fired from a ship in the Bay of Bengal at about 7.40 Friday night by the Strategic Force Command (SFC) of the defence force.

Dhanush is a naval variant of India’s indigenously developed ‘Prithvi’ missile. According to Director of Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Chandipore, MVKV Prasad, the missile launch and its flight performance was monitored from the test range.

Prithvi-II surface-to-surface missile, which has a strike range of 350 km, was also test-fired from a test range at Chandipur earlier in the day.

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