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India will not compromise with the security :Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

mukhtar_abbas_naqvi_addressBhartiya Janta Party National Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, that the biggest change that has taken place since the Modi government came to power, has been the elimination of ‘power brokers’ from the ‘corridors of power in Delhi.

Naqvi, while addressing a rally in Haryana, said that “With Modi’s maxim: “Na Khayenge, Na Khane Denge…” these so called ‘Power Brokers’ have shut shops and are looking for safe havens in states ruled by their favourite “Congress party.”

Addressing Election rallies in Hathin, Pudana and Nooh in Haryana, Naqvi highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to put an end to the power brokers’ business, that had been active for several years.

Naqvi further commented that these power brokers have always sought sanctuary in Congress ruled States, which are fast disappearing post the arrival of Modi government in the centre. It is now necessary that these remaining sanctuaries also be dismantled and that such people involved in corruption, scams and looting public money should not be given any safe haven within the country.

He said that, “Modi’s government, has started an effective campaign to put an end to the previous government’s corruption and scams within a limited span of three months.” Power brokers who were active during the congress regime in delhi are shriveling down to a minimum. As a result the looters of public money are being forced to put a decisive end to their work methodologies. This has led to a revolutionary atmosphere against corruption.

Naqvi further said that all parties during the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections, were attacking BJP and Shri Narendra Modi, as if the BJP had been in power in these states from the last few terms. It is very strange that, the very people who should be accountable for their actions to the electorate are seeking explanations from us. People of Haryana and Maharashtra will definitely give a befitting reply.

He further said that “Pakistan is now realizing that the Modi government in India will not compromise with the security and honour of the country at any cost”. In the past few years the morale of Pakistan’s military ISI and their sponsored terror organizations has increased tremendously. These evil-forces have got a befitting reply and it is a lesson for them to understand that the Peace in the subcontinent cannot be maintained unilaterally.

Naqvi said, “BJP will form government in Haryana and Maharashtra with a full majority.” In both these states, people have now decided to give a full mandate to this party rather than making a makeshift government. BJP government is committed for good governance and development.

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