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Indian Women are vulnerable says Nandana Sen

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Nandana Sen
Nandana Sen

With Ketan Mehta’s Rang Rasiya finally seeing the day’s light, actress Nandana Sen seems to be quite excited.

“I am really excited that the world is ready to embrace a film like Rang Rasiya and I expect that they will be able to accept the film fully. It is a very important film, beautifully made, stunningly shot with moving characters and a moving story,” says Nandana.

While for Ketan the story of Rang Rasiya is that how censorship should not be there, whereas for Randeep it is a story of an artist and the love for his muse. Probe Nandana what is the story of RANG RASIYA for her and she reveals, “The story for me is about both of those things but more so about how vulnerable women are in the Indian society. The film deals with the visionary that Ravi Varma was and the ways in which he revolutionized Indian society.”

Interestingly, in Rang Rasiya trailer, a lot of focus has been on the sensuality rather than the main message of the movie. Ask Nandana, has the sensuality aspect sidelined the film’s main message and she states, “Sensuality in this film is intricately connected to all three focal points of the film, be it the Censorship focus, the passion of an artist and Women’s power or no power space in Indian society. Raja Ravi Varma was the first to embrace sensuality in his works, something that has been existent in Indian society for thousands of years. He reconnected Indian populations to the way sensuality was depicted in our ancient texts, be it Kamasutra or Kalidasa’s texts.”

She further adds, “While the Censorship story is the political core of the movie, the emotional core of the film is how a woman gets ostracized because of the art. These two stories are interconnected and it wouldn’t work without sensuality. In order to understand the fullness of her vulnerability and to understand why the court case became such a big deal, you need to see the story in its fullness without any apologies, without any polite omissions and hence sensuality is essential.”

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