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Every Man’s fantasy Mumtaz now and then !


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Born on July 31,1947 Mumtaz’s parents were of Iranian origin who separated after her birth.She is regarded as a sex symbol of Indian movies.

Mumtaz was in the Marilyn Monroe-mould – every man’s fantasy woman. She is or was, the kind of woman any man would want to pamper and bury in diamonds, silks, satins

Mumtaz had a courtesan kind of charm. Absolutely top marks go to her as greatest sex symbol. She was cute, impish, voluptuous.

The way she used her body was so natural. She looked juicy! Her smile, her eyes, her pug nose, she was all woman.

” I don’t think anyone else projected sexuality the way she did. She was a raving beauty, and in person too, was very attractive. A great smile, a great sense of humour, and a very no-nonsense down-to-earth manner. She was one woman who did not antagonize other women. And I’m sure every man she met lusted after her. She seemed immensely beddable.” says Shobhaa Dey

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