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Intimate scenes are not comfortable: Tara

Tara-Alisha-Berry-close-upSeen in two back-to-back bold Bollywood films, Tara Alisha Berry has no regrets and would rather even take up another erotica. In an interesting conversation, this pretty actress revealed some spicy details that you’ve got to look at.Excerpts:

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How did  you get the Love Games  role?
Kunal Shah who was casting for the film, set up a meeting with Vikram sir. I met Vikram sir when he was casting for 2-3 films. The meeting went very well and it seemed like he needed an actress urgently. I didn’t hear from him for 2-3 days and thought maybe the project didn’t work for me. By the time I decided that this isn’t going to happen, I got a call from Mukesh uncle 2 weeks later. He asked me to come to office and I was offered the film.

hen you shoot a film outdoor, it’s really helpful because you aren’t in a normal environment and are engulfed in that part and film.

Not comfortable with bold scenes !
It’s just been by chance. My priority is to be acting and I hope to do that till I die. So for me, I’ve never looked at a film with that approach. In our industry, the sad thing is that there is kissing and lovemaking scenes in other films as well – only that they don’t call themselves erotica while we are calling our film what it is. It is a bold story about 2 people who are playing sexual love games with people and what happens when by chance one of them falls in love. For me, I’m never going to choose a script in the future also keeping erotica in mind but always the director and story. So if tomorrow I do get offered an erotic film, but believe in the story and find a connection with the director, then I’m sure you’ll see me in many such films. This film was more like a blessing for me because my character and her graph is beautiful in the film. She’s a woman who’s in an abusive relationship finding her strength through love. It’s a beautiful story and again, something which is real and happening.

Is your character grey shaded?
This film is love in the times of lust. Patra depicts lust in the film while I’m love. I would like to say that for the first time we aren’t playing the quintessential hero, heroine and villain. The film is about 3 very real people. Patra’s character has grey shades. Even though I’m playing love and am the quintessential heroine, she’s a very real person and not just another bubbly girl or damsel in distress. All 3 of us are multi-dimensional and not just grey, black or white. We are real people and in fact Patra’s character is beautiful.

When did the acting keeda bite you?
Quite early on actually. I realized that I could only satisfy myself creatively on many different levels through the film life. Even in this film, we’ve been there from script level till now (including music sittings, editing). In MASTRAM also, we were there from beginning to end part of every creative step. Today directors and producers allow it to be an amalgamation of everyone’s input.

Mukesh uncle too constantly wanted us to go for marketing meeting and inputs. There are so many times you don’t get that opportunity but when you do, it’s a blessing. My father somehow wanted me to direct or screen write and learnt that after studying in California for 2 years. But I much prefer being an actor because it’s very therapeutic emotionally and at the same time, there’s an unimaginable amount of growth you can have as a person and unmounted number of knowledge you can have as an actor.

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