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Islamist militants seize Libya army base

Islamist-forces-overrun-Benghazi-army-baseA Libyan special forces base in Benghazi Wednesday fell into the hands of Islamist militants after a week’s battle, according to military sources.

The special forces Thunderbolt have evacuated from their main camp in southern Benghazi after successive attacks from heavy artilleries and medium weapons, Xinhua reported citing a military source.

One armed group from the coalition of Islamist fighters, Shura Council, also confirmed that their fighters have taken the main camp and several other army strongholds, and added they would hunt down the remnants.

Libya’s eastern restive city of Benghazi has witnessed a drastic escalation of violence since May, when former General Khalifa Haftar launched his Operation Dignity, leading his pro-secular forces to constantly pound Islamist forces in the name of “anti-terrorism” action.

However, Islamist armed groups, including Ansar al-Sharia, have in recent weeks struck back.

Islamist fighters from Misrata have been pounding the international airport of Libya’s capital Tripoli since July 13, killing at least 97 and wounded over 400 people.

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