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Jagga Jasoos is brave and different


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It’s beyond any doubt that Ranbir Kapoor is an exceptional talent. The Kapoor lad created magic with Anurag Basu in BARFI.

Jagga Jasoos attracted maximum eyeballs as the awesome twosome where coming together. After much delay and shoot ,reshoot the movie is finally here.

Does the magic get recreated, let’s finds out.

Jagga Jasoos is a surprise musical. The experiment by Anurag Basu is cinematic that gives a nostalgic and haunting deja vu of a Hollywood song and dance extravaganza. This falooda of our desi Feluda meeting Indiana Jones and TINTIN has something for those who love to cha cha cha (read dance in glee) for such cinema but what about the rest?

I made a pledge that I won’t count the 29 songs in this naacha gaana as I believed that in all this jaw droopingly gorgeous looking and courageously adventurous glory, Jagga Jasoos will excite me more with its story. But Alas, dhoom dhoom dhak, dhak dhoom dhoom dicha… Anurag Basu like the speech impaired Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) took too long to come to a conclusion and that too with a confusion (overconfidence) that terribly reduces JAGGA JASOOS into a prolonged circus that otherwise had the potential to be a unique comic musical mystery (one of its kind) in today’s time.

Oh dear… This desi Indiana Jones is doomed by the priest of its own temple… How come Mr. Basu… Kyu… Aakhir Kyu… Hmmm. The movie which starts hinting towards targeting the children who are fascinated by comic characters like TINTIN gets bizarre and boring circus in the end failing to appeal in general.

A Hill town school boy from Darjeeling (the hangover of BARFI still remains) by the name Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) is a man–child expert in deduction. While you take time in convincing yourself that the 34 year old Ranbir Kapoor (no matter how much you love him) can be a high school kid who lives in school hostel and solves mysteries, the Miss Mala Murder is bang on and shot like a pro in Broadway musicals by Basu that reminds of Lurhman’s CHICAGO that makes Ranbir as Jagga getting well settled in our hearts and minds.

The stammering Jagga longing for his father Tooti Footi (Saswata Chatterjee), who trains Jagga to sing in rhymes to rid the guilt/pain of his stammering is a gem. The portions between child Jagga and Tutti Futti are unique and rare in which the director has masterly shown his flair and given the movie its own language.

Sadly, Anurag fails to continue that brilliance and is seen trying hard and adding almost everything. We find inspirations from Spielberg’s INDIANA JONES, Martin Scorsese’s HUGO, even the influence of Stephen Chow (SHOLIN SOCCER, KUNG FU HUSTLE) is smelt somewhere but it doesn’t quite ring the bell.

Shruti (Katrina Kaif) who plays a journalist and is a calamity queen meets Jagga and they embark on a journey across Thailand and Morocco to find Tutti Futti and surreality stars sinking in. They encounter an Ostrich who lays an egg and that gets boiled, Giraffes, Zebras, wild cats and a two head arms dealer. In all the fantasy and fairytale, we have the arms dropping incident inspired from the actual Purulia arms dropping case in 90’s also. The movie ends on a surreal note that hints towards a sequel (the overconfidence we said earlier).

jagga-jasoos-is-brave-and-different-2But, Jagga Jasoos has a couple of take away moments apart from Ranbir Kapoor.

The portions between young Jagga and Tutti futti, Pritam’s Galti Se Mistake and Ullu Ka Pattha are a treat in which choreographer Shiamak Davar shows his brilliance.

Cinematography by Ravi Varman is exceptional with each and every frame appearing like a postcard; Jagga Jasoos is jaw droopingly gorgeous without any doubt. Sound by Ashwin Bharde and Shijin Melvin Hutton is outstanding. Production values are top notch.

Ranbir Kapoor is exceptional. You cannot take your eyes off him and the actor in his brilliance which will spread like a virus amongst his followers who will be completely awed by his magical performance.

Katrina Kaif has her moments and she is charming (again the makers have to justify her accent). Saurab Shukla is fine. Saswata Chatterjee (KAHANI fame) is outstanding.

All said and done, Jagga Jasoos is a missed opportunity in the end. This surprise musical fantasy solely rides on Ranbir Kapoor’s infectious charm and those couple flashes of brilliance. Watch it if you have the patience and appreciation for something brave and different.

-Written by Vishal Verma , Bollywood Trade

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