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Kangna Ranaut can go to any length !

Kangana-Ranaut-lipsBollywood actress Kangna Ranaut can go to any length so far as her desire to act in films of a different genre is concerned.She is always ready to accept the controversial roles.

The latest is her character in katti Batti in which she is playing a Delhi girl who is in a live-in- relationship in Mumbai partner (Imran Khan) and becomes pregnant.In one of the situations in the film the pregnant Kangna is seen consoling her partner not to worry ” Why to get married ? Only because I am pregnant”.

Keeping in view the roles played by Kangna, it is being felt in the Bollywood industry that nobody can match her as regards the controversial roles. Be it the role of Rivolver Rani in which the lips of the actor starts bleeding after Kangna kisses him passionately or the role of Queen.

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