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Leaders collected by BJP are ‘Chinese Maal’ says Hooda

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Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has referred BJP’s turncoats as the ‘Chinese Maal‘. Addressing a series of election rallies in parts of Haryana on Sunday, Hooda criticised Modi for failure of his governmentn in controlling the prices.

“At the time Narendra Modi was serving lunch to the Chinese President, Chinese soldiers were putting up tents on Indian territory.Did Modi reply back strongly to the nefarious activities of the neighbouring nation?The large number of leaders collected by the BJP are also `Chinese maal’. The party which has not even declared its chief ministerial candidate is dreaming power ,” Hooda said .

Hooda said that a halo was created around a single person by the BJP. Promises were made to the people that petrol, diesel, milk, sugar and everything else would become cheaper when the party came to power.

“You are very well aware what happened when it came to power.Now the Modi government has completed six months in power. Pakistan has violated the ceasefire as many as 147 times.The sweet dream shown to the people was getting over now.The moment Modi government came to power it raised the railway fare in the country. As a result first coal and then power will be costlier in the country. Gas prices too will be hiked by Rs 10 per month, but the decision is spending because of the impending assembly elections in the two states,” Hooda said.

Hooda also said that the beginning of the end of Modi’s dream stated at the Uttarakhand bypoll where the BJP was forced to bite the dust.

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