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Meet some unusual friends of Punjab farmers

Crane birds have befriended these farmers who barter food for faith


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It is paddy transplantation time in Punjab ,India which is known for its quality basmati rice production.

This farmer is ploughing his field and preparing it for the transplantation of rice plants.

But there are some unusual friends who without fearing anything are running after his tractor.

These crane birds have befriended many farmers in Punjab and follow them to the fields .

As plough unearths earthworms and other creatures,the cranes rush to relish the protein rich diet.

Normally cranes maintain a distance from human beings but in fields come very close.

This relationship is the outcome of a faith. The cranes befriended these farmers as they do not harm them.

Cranes are considered friends of the farmers and they also figure in many Punjabi folk songs.

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