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Nabha jail inmate tortured for not selling drugs

dheeraj_batta_nabha_jailThe allegations against the Punjab jail officials that they trade narcotics have once again proved true after a Nabha jail inmate told the court that the jail officials including a deputy superintendent compel them to bring money by selling drugs .Those who refuse the ‘orders’ are brutally tortured.

One of the inmates of New Nabha jail ,Dheeraj Batta, who is facing trial for a murder, on Friday not only showed the marks of brutality inflicted by the jail officials for not obeying their orders but also revealed that the jail officials beat up ,torture and compel the inmates to sell drugs and bring money.

Dheeraj-batata_nabha_jail_2Dheeraj Batta who was taken to the court for the hearing of his case shocked everyone in the court when showed his injuries.

Dheeraj Batta also showed the injury marks to the media and said that he was subject to brutality as he did not obey the orders of corrupt jail officials.

“Narcotics are openly sold in the jail .The inmates are harassed for money and even brutally tortured if they refuse.I was severely beaten up by the jail staff as I refused to sell the drugs,” Dheeraj told media persons in Khanna and also showed the injury marks on various parts of his body.

Former DGP jails Shashi Kant had earlier said that Punjab jails are dens of narcotics smuggling and the jail officials are involved in the narcotic trade.

Dheeraj Batta’s allegations has come a bib blow to the state government’s ongoing drive against the drugs.

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