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Naina Devi,Jawalaji shopkeepers cheating devotees

naina_devi_temple_cheatersIf you are buying silver ornaments (Chattaras) to offer to Shri Naina Devi and Jawalaji temples from local shopkeepers think twice. The shopkeepers wihin the temple complex are cheating devotees by selling silver coated gilt metal in the name of silver.

The truth came to light recently when the Naina Devi temple authorities checked the silver offerings and found that half of the silver ornaments (Chattaras) were silver coated and were gilt.

Similar cheating had also come to light in Jawalaji temple some time back.Sources also told North India Times that the shop owners are cheating devotees in other shrines  like Mata chintpurni, Chamunda and and Deothsidh also.

The temple authorities ,who themselves are accused of pocketing the offerings,are tight lipped and have not taken any step to save the devotees from the greedy gilt sellers who indulge in all sort of criminal activities in the name or religion.

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