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Naked Aamir Khan attacks clothed SRK

Naked Aamir Khan attacks clothed SRKThe war between the two rival Bollywood stars Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan is in the news again after SRK criticised Aamir Khan for his PK poster which showed Aamir without clothes.

SRK on Tuesday while reacting to Aamir’s  PK poster had said : “Don’t tell anybody else that this is talent”.

Aamir strongly reacted to SRK’s barb on Wednesday and said he is digging up a hole for him.

“No I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything. I can think of two or three amazing answers right now. See, the man who digs a hole for another man, what happens of him, you yourself tell me. Am I not correct? The word dig that you used, it is this dig that I stay away from,” Aamir said.

Shahrukh had criticised Aamir for his controversial PK poster which poses him nude with a carefully positioned transistor providing a crucial bit of cover.

The war of words between the two rival Khans is not new. Aamir Khan had earlier compared SRK with his dog whose name was ‘Shahrukh’.

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