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Nandana Sen does what no one has done!


After getting more than one Lac hits on YouTube for some leaked footage from Rang Rasiya, a source informed us that yet another exclusive uncensored clip has been leaked….Yes!

This new video shows just what we already know…the gorgeous Nandana Sen and her perfectly sculpted body. So peeps! This video will get your heart racing as you watch Randeep Hooda draw her beautiful body on canvas…AHA!

Dedicated actors…no? They didn’t even use a body double as opposed to many B- town actors, and this is no holds barred! You need to watch it to believe it.

Art is only art when it is uninhibited they say…and looks like Ketan Mehta took that saying a bit too seriously. From the looks of it though, the janta out there is in love with the previous video, considering it went viral. One thing’s for sure, the producers are probably smiling away to glory. A day for the movie to release and it’s already the talk of the town.

Note: This video has been removed by Youtube now

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